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Akshay Kumar raises a relevant issue and no, it's not about patriotism

The Gold (2018) actor is moved by an animated campaign to save the forests.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Our Correspondent

Akshay Kumar has been doing socially relevant and patriotic films for a while now and speaking about the issues involved fearlessly.

Recently, the star lent his weight to a road safety campaign, unafraid to play a traffic constable in the series and upbraid errant motorists.

The actor has also expressed his concern on women's safety, sanitation, menstrual health and the welfare of soldiers.

Now, however, the Gold (2018) actor has expressed concern over the state of Mother Nature and highlighted the need for conservation of forests.

The actor has not been approached to back any campaign. He was simply moved by an animated film brought to his attention by his daughter and decided to highlight the issue of deforestation.

The video, probably from Southeast Asia, draws attention to the impact deforestation has on wildlife. As seen in the video, a little girl feels threatened by an orangutan, a highly intelligent but critically endangered animal, barging into her bedroom.

While the human child can raise her voice about an intruder, the poor primate is left to suffer when men in their greed cut down forests.

So moved was Akshay Kumar by the video that he tweeted his concern.

“The daughter showed me this video today which gave me something to mull over. It’s rather sad to see how we are invading spaces not belonging to us... where else will these creatures go if not invade ours,” the star wrote. 

Akshay Kumar’s support will certainly give a fillip to environmentalists who have long been raising their voice against deforestation.