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Actor Abir Chatterjee to merge film and theatre in new play by Lokokrishti

He will reportedly make a 'virtual appearance' in the upcoming play titled Chu Mantar.

Our Correspondent

Actor Abir Chatterjee will soon be seen in a play staged by group theatre Lokokrishti. The actor has already acted in two plays produced by the group. However, this time he will make a 'virtual appearance' in their upcoming production, Chu Mantar.

Abir will not be present on stage and will be seen in a dream sequence in a video, which was shot yesterday (23 August) in a city auditorium. Abir’s parents, Phalguni and Rumki Chatterjee, will also be a part of the play, written by Jeet Shankar.

Chatterjee’s father Phalguni will play the protagonist Monimohan Shankar, an intense, common man who is ridiculed by his family. In a magical transformation, he turns into a superstar overnight.

Abir will reportedly appear presenting an award in the dream sequence. “My portion in this play is going to act like a bridge between stage and film. I am almost myself in the dream sequence,” Abir said in an interview with Tollywood Online.

Falguni and the director Prasun Bhattacharya decided on casting Abir in the dream sequence to add value to it.

“Though Rumki and I have worked together in many plays, this is the first time I will share the stage with my son, though his presence is virtual. I am glad all three of us are taking part in a Lokokristi production” added Phalguni, who is not directing the play this time for he has to play a challenging character.

Chu Mantar will premiere on 15 September.