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Raghava Lawrence to donate Rs1 crore to Kerala CM's relief fund

The actor-director said he wanted to go personally to help in the relief effort but was advised to wait till the rains subsided.

Manigandan KR

Actor-director-choreographer-producer Raghava Lawrence, who was recently named by Telugu actress Sri Reddy as being one of those who had taken advantage of her by promising her a film opportunity, has been trying to undo the damage caused to his image.

Today, he announced that he would be donating Rs1 crore to the Kerala Chief Minister's Disaster Relief Fund.

In a statement, the actor said he was "feeling very disheartened" by the floods and the people's suffering. He said he wanted to go personally and help with the relief operations but was advised to wait till the rains subsided.

"Now that the rain has reduced, I thought it would be right if I go through government because they know which areas are more affected," he said. "I have got an appointment with the Kerala CM this Saturday. I want to give my donation to the CM and place a request to him asking him to help me serve the affected people directly."

Raghava Lawrence thanked all those who had contributed to Kerala's relief and rescue efforts or were planning to do so. "I pray to Raghavendra Swamy for Kerala to be rebuilt soon," he said.

Sri Reddy had recently said that she would act in Raghava Lawrence's film if a role was offered to her, despite her charge against him.