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Helicopter Eela song 'Yaadon Ki Almari' unlocks an almirah of nostalgia

Swanand Kirkire’s neat lyrics. Amit Trivedi’s endearing score and Palomi Ghosh’s voice combine to produce a memorable number.

Mayur Lookhar

Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present. So said the late American cartoonist Bill Keane once.

Sometimes we get so pre-occupied with the present and the future that we tend to lock up the good memories of the past away in some corner of our mind.

But every now and then it is important to relive those moments, for they have the power to light up the present. Lyricist Swanand Kirkire has unlocked just such an almirah of memories in the 'Yaadon Ki Almari' song from Helicopter Eela.

There is no need for poetry or rhyme; this is nostalgia. Eela (Kajol) reminisces about the small things, the tender moments whose true worth is only realized years later. What we also learn from the song is that Eela has perhaps enrolled in the same educational courses as her son. 

Kirkire’s lyrics are backed by a joyful score created by Amit Trivedi. The nice, soft, soothing tune triggers a sense of joy, a sense of nostalgia. Harmonious is one word that best describes the music.

As a singer, Palomi Ghosh comes across as easy on the ear. She makes subtle changes to her voice, which is what certain lyrics and the mood of the song demand. And Kajol matches it with her expressions.

Watch the Yaadon Ki Almari song below.

Helicopter Eela is slated for release on 7 September. Click here to let us know if you will be watching this film.

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