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Had only used a hockey stick as a weapon before, says Gold actor Amit Sadh

Amit Sadh and Sunny Kaushal speak about their preparation for Gold, working with Reema Kagti, and why they credit Akshay Kumar for their success.

Keyur Seta

Director Reema Kagti’s third film Gold has been receiving good response from cine-goers. Apart from the obvious attraction Akshay Kumar, the film is also being liked for the performances of an ensemble cast including the likes of Amit Sadh, Vineet Kumar Singh, Kunal Kapoor and Sunny Kaushal.

Cinestaan.com caught up with Sadh and Kaushal for a conversation about the film and the experience of shooting for it and working with Akshay Kumar.

Interestingly, though both of them portrayed hockey stars of the 1948 Olympic Games, neither had played the sport before. Sadh joked, “I have held a hockey stick in my hands only to break some heads. I had never used it before for the purpose for which it was designed. That was why this was a difficult and challenging film for us.”

Kaushal confessed he had never played any sport before. But they underwent six months of rigorous preparation to play their parts. “You need to show that honesty," Kaushal said. "When some actual players see us, they shouldn’t feel we have cheated.”

Sadh said, “We worked hard. We had a good team. Reema wanted top quality hockey. She told us the characters you people are playing are legends who bring gold for India. And those who bring gold need to play good hockey. So, we worked hard. It feels good that the audience is appreciating the film and also the hockey we played.”

Sadh had recently shared a post on Instagram about how he had found a friend in Kagti. Elaborating, he said, “She considers everyone equal. This is a big quality, I feel. There is no differentiation on the basis of who comes in which car, earns how much, or has how long a role. She expects honesty from everyone, irrespective of whether that person has half a line or a three-hour-long role.”

Another quality of the director that Sadh appreciated was that she would give the actors time to get their scenes right. “Sometimes you need to finish a scene soon as it’s an expensive location or the light is going," he explained. "But she never thought about these things. She always pushed me to give another take. This has hardly happened in my career. Directors generally say you will get only one take, which I am not too happy about. Ali [Sultan (2016) director Ali Abbas Zafar] and Reema are similar in their methods though they are quite different personalities.”

Talking about his experience working with Akshay Kumar, Sunny Kaushal said, "It was a learning experience. We have been seeing him since childhood. He has such a sense of calmness. You don’t need to break the ice with him. The ice is already broken."

To that, Sadh added, "Akshay Kumar doesn’t have any airs about him. That brings in a healthy atmosphere. Despite being such a big star, he let us shine. If I, Sunny, Vineet, Kunal and the others are getting praised today, the credit goes, apart from Reema, to Akshay Kumar.”

Kaushal said he was not worried about being overshadowed by so many good actors in Gold. He pointed out that when he was approached to do the film, he had no work in hand. Besides, he was excited about working with Kagti. "I have wanted to work with her ever since I saw Talaash (2012),” he said.

Now, after the film has been completed and released, both Kaushal and Sadh are awaiting their next assignments. Sadh joked, "If anyone wants to hire both of us together, we can even give a discount."

Watch the full interview below: