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Once More teaser: Interesting subject marred by poor VFX

The film, directed by Naresh Mahadeo Bidkar, will be released on 12 October.

Keyur Seta

Director Naresh Mahadeo Bidkar’s Once More deals with a subject hardly explored in Marathi cinema. The film has an unusual mixture of archaeology and fantasy. 

During one of the deep-sea excavations, an archaeologist (Ashutosh Patki) and his team find an ancient trunk. This convinces the protagonist that they have discovered an ancient kingdom that is now hidden under water. His team members don’t agree as there isn’t any concrete evidence. However, he is convinced. How will he prove his theory? 

The subject surely sounds interesting and exciting. It reminds you of the lost kingdom found under water in Dwarka in the 1990s, which raised hopes that god Krishna’s mythical city of Dwarka did exist. 

The portions in the teaser, focussing on the current era aren’t bad. But once the story goes into the past, heavy costumes become a downer. The action and VFX are also not up to the mark. Moreover, the relevance of the title, Once More, isn’t clear. 

The film will be released on 12 October.

Watch the teaser below:

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