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Aparna Sen's message for all the 'superwomen'

Do exactly what you want to do, because it's your life, says the veteran filmmaker.

Roushni Sarkar

Birsa Dasgupta’s Crisscross got released last week to mostly positive reviews for its message of celebrating womanhood and humanity.

However, the producers, Sree Venkatesh Films Pvt Ltd, are not done with the promotions and they have come up with a new #EverydaySuperwomen campaign to help the film reach a wider audience.

Recently, in a short interview with the SVF team, National award-winning filmmaker and actress Aparna Sen shared her idea on ‘superwomen’ in India.

“I feel all the women of our country are superwomen," Sen said. "The mothers, the wives who maintain the balance between their households and work fields, who send their kids to schools and take care of their homework — all of them are superwomen. What are they not doing? I salute all of them.”

The film industry veteran admitted she is one of the lucky women whose profession and vocation are the same: “People have different passions and yet they need to work separately for their income. I feel very fortunate that I can earn money with the kind of work I love to do.”

In a message to all women, Sen said, “Love yourself. Do whatever pleases you because you get to live life once. You know, it is possible to manage everything — bringing up the kids, managing the career, and taking care of the household — only if you want to! Don’t ever get stressed about people’s opinion because nobody else is going to live the life of yours. So do what you exactly want to do.”