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Helicopter Eela song 'Mumma Ki Parchai': Kajol’s shadow looms large over Riddhi Sen

Swanand Kirkire has penned an apt song that goes well with the film's theme of helicopter parents.

Mayur Lookhar

Director Pradeep Sarkar's Helicopter Eela is a story about Eela (Kajol), a single mother who is like a helicopter parent for her only child, Vivan (played by Riddhi Sen).

Yesterday, the film's makers launched the 'Mumma Ki Parchai' song.

In the song, we see Vivan begin college life as his mummy follows him around. Though a bit far-fetched, we have Eela adding lullabies to her son's music playlist, going to discos and cinemas with him, and hounding him on social media. She practically hovers over Vivan like a ghost.

Swanand Kirkire has penned appropriate lyrics that goes well with the film’s theme, and with the situation that is being protrayed in the video. 

Amit Trivedi has provided a rollicking musical score with a sense of anguish underlying it. And Vivan's exasperation comes through clearly in the voice of Ronit Sarkar.

Here is a song that will strike a chord with every child or teen who has a helicopter parent. While the song cries out on behalf of such children, it is not disrespectful towards parents either. Watch the fun-filled song below:

Helicopter Eela is set to be released on 7th September. Let us know what you think of the film's prospects at the box office.

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