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Anushka Sharma recalls her Sui Dhaaga moment as a child

Unable to afford a pricey costume, Sharma’s mother had stitched a dress for her daughter to participate in a school dance competition.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

She is one of the bigger stars in Hindi cinema today, but if there is one thing that stands out about Anushka Sharma, it is her humility and rootedness despite her success.

That humility can be seen whenever the actress turns up for an interaction with the media, as she and co-star Varun Dhawan did for the trailer launch of Sui Dhaaga on Monday.

The film delves into the humble lives of tailor Mauji (Dhawan) and his wife Mamta (Sharma). The couple fight hard to make a living. In the process they have to make many sacrifices.

The stars were asked at the event if there was ever a time in their lives when they faced a financial hurdle. That was the trigger for Sharma to reminisce about a special moment in her life.

“I come from a typical middle-class family," she said. "My father was in the army, but his salary wasn’t much. My parents tried to give us [brother Karunesh and her] everything possible.

"I remember once there was a school dance competition. The school asked us for fees for the costume, but we couldn’t afford it. My mother then stitched the dress the whole night so that I could participate in the competition the following day.”

The Sui Dhaaga actress briefly mentioned another instance when she had to dance to an Ila Arun song and her mother spent the whole day stitching the ghagra for her.

Dhawan is the son of successful filmmaker David Dhawan. But that does not mean the family did not have its share of tough times.

“Touchwood, I’ve never really had to face a serious financial issue," said the actor. "But there was a time when my father’s four successive films bombed.  That was really sticking. As a filmmaker your demand price drops. You can’t get the same remuneration. You can’t have the same standard of living. We were supposed to change houses, but because of the financial woes, Dad cancelled the move.”

Sui Dhaaga is set to be released on 28 September.