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Take Care Good Night trailer: Film promises to be a fast paced cyber crime thriller

The trailer of of the film, starring Sachin Khedekar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Iravati Harshe and Parna Pethe, is quite thrilling.

Keyur Seta

Edge-of-the-seat crime thrillers and films about cyber crime are hardly seen in Marathi cinema, especially since its new wave started around 2004. Director Girish Jayant Joshi’s Marathi movie Take Care Good Night is both and more.

If the film lives up to its recently released trailer, it might just fill the void of a modern, cyber thriller.

Take Care Good Night is the story of how a cyber criminal makes life hell for a family consisting of a man (Sachin Khedekar), his wife (Iravati Harshe) and their daughter (Parna Pethe). The mysterious hacker not only swallows a large amount of their money, but also stalks their daughter. The case is handed over to a cyber crime officer (Mahesh Manjrekar), who has his own working style.

The dangerous antics of the hacker presented in the trailer are thrilling. The scene where the hacker, who is chatting with Pethe’s character, knows where her mother is seated is the best. The humour element, provided by Manjrekar’s character, also indicates that the writing aims to provide non-stop entertainment.

Khedekar and Harshe appear reliable as always. Pethe, who was last seen in Faster Fene (2017), also show promise. The trailer doesn’t show the face of the criminal. The cast list shows Adinath Kothare’s name. The scene where the face of the criminal is blurred appears to be the same actor.

Take Care Good Night will be out on 31 August.

Watch the trailer below: