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CBFC refuses to certify Sachin Gupta's film on child trafficking

The film, titled Pakhi, was supposed to be released on Friday (10 August).


A film on child trafficking made by National award Natya Bhushan winning filmmaker Sachin Gupta has not been granted a certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) due to what an offical said was its "crude" content.

The film, titled Pakhi, was supposed to be released on Friday (10 August).

"We have applied for the Revising Committee but the reason that they (CBFC) have given is weird. They said, 'Such movies should not come in the market. How can you think of such subjects? I don't want my daughter to watch this film.' They could have given me an 'A' certificate," Gupta told IANS, a news agency.

"It was humiliating... the way they were talking to me. There should be a protocol while talking to a director. This is not my first film," he added.

Has he thought of taking the digital route or screening at international film festivals?

"Why digital? I spent so much of money and did eight months of research work. I made a film for the theatre. I am a filmmaker. This is not about film festivals. I don't want to make a film for four to five people," said the Paranthe Wali Gali (2014) director.

"I did bookings and everything. PVR theatres were ready to release the film. I am trying to create something sensible here," he said.

Gupta, also a theatre director, has been doing shows on social issues for about 15 years in London and Canada.

"If they [CBFC] can approve Great Grand Masti (2016) then why not a film on child trafficking?" Gupta asked, adding that there is nothing objectionable in the film.

"It is a work of fiction. I am not talking about any country or violence, nudity or graphical scenes. The way I have made this film... any family can watch this film without feeling embarrassed," said Gupta.

"Why should I make a film with a message? I am not a documentary filmmaker. Let the audience decide as far as the message goes. They are trying to discourage a filmmaker. If you try to make something sensible, you are not allowed to make it...at least in our country," he added.

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