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Telugu actress Sri Reddy who stripped asked to vacate flat by landlord 

The starlet had stripped in public to protest against sexual exploitation in the Telugu film industry.

Mayur Lookhar

The Telugu film industry had to face some uncomfortable questions after starlet Sri Reddy stripped in public to protest against the alleged sexual harassment in the Telugu film industry by producers and filmmakers. Two days later, Sri Reddy's landlord has asked her to vacate the flat she lives in.

“My owner called me and told to vacate my house, what a great people..he is working as an IAS [Indian Administrative Services officer] ..such a narrow minded people..You don’t even imagine how rude talking..Big people game started [sic],” Sri Reddy posted on her Facebook page.

Sri Reddy made headlines on Saturday with her bold way of protesting, as she stripped outside the Telugu Chamber of Film Commerce in Hyderabad. Sri Reddy had also claimed that MAA (Movie Artistes Association) had been denying her membership despite working in three films.

In a press conference held yesterday in Hyderabad, MAA president Sivaji Raja rubbished the allegations by Sri Reddy.

“Not one thing that Sri Reddy said yesterday was true. I remember her, as she met me earlier. I always assured her of help. We always take complaints seriously and we are approachable. Instead, if you go on social media and say whatever you like for cheap publicity, this is not done,” Sivaji Raja told the media.

He also backed MAA’s decision not to grant her membership

“We are bound by the association's rules. Getting the card is a long process. We work day and night for the film industry and address so many complaints frequently. We were forced to call the press meet today after the girl stripped on the road like that and claimed that we were not giving her the card. This is not true. Do not blackmail us. She must follow the rules. We have great respect for women and you can ask any of our female committee members to vouch for that,” said Sivaji Raja.

Telugu actor Banerjee blamed Sri Reddy for her membership being denied.

"When the incident first happened and Sri Reddy claimed that she was denied membership, we came forward and gave her an application form. We have a set of rules, and she didn't sign in two places and she didn't attach papers about the films she acted in. She paid for the application form, but not the membership fee. When we confronted her, she said that she would give it later," he said.

"I spoke to the president (of the association) and we told her that now that she has applied to be a MAA member, she needn't go to TV channels and level allegations against the entire industry. We assured her that she will get the card," added Banerjee.

We tried to get a reaction from MAA officials regarding the sexual exploitation allegations, but the official refused to comment.

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