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Raazi poster: Meet Alia Bhatt, the dutiful daughter, wife and spy

The first poster of the upcoming feature directed by Meghna Gulzar shows Bhatt with actor Rajit Kapoor in a strong father-daughter bond.

Sonal Pandya

Based on the book, Calling Sehmat, by Harinder S Sikka, Raazi focuses on the dual life of a young Kashmiri woman, who becomes a spy after her marriage to a Pakistani army officer. But before the trailer comes out tomorrow, the first posters from Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi show actress Alia Bhatt in three different shades, first as a daughter, alongside her screen father, Rajit Kapoor.

The emotional scene has Kapoor kissing Bhatt’s forehead as she is dressed up in finery. Could this possibly be her wedding, where she is bidding her father goodbye? Ominously, the map of Pakistan-India is the backdrop for this tender moment.

The poster of Raazi was shared online by Dharma Productions with the caption, “The first shade to any woman is of being a daughter, being the daughter of the country too.”

Her co-star Vicky Kaushal, who plays her husband, doesn’t feature on this poster. Instead, another scene shows Kapoor and Bhatt embracing near a bus depot. Aptly, the poster features the words ‘A Daughter’ on the top. As the tweet above suggested, it has a dual meaning as Bhatt’s character risks her life to be an Indian agent.

Kaushal shows up on the second poster, shared online by producer Karan Johar. The seemingly happy couple are smiling at each other, but is all well with the husband and wife. A scene below their photograph shows some people gathered around two cars. It seems as if it is a border crossing. This poster is titled 'Wife'.

The final poster shows a determined Bhatt checking the time on her watch. This one is title 'Spy', as the scene below Bhatt's photographs features a naval ship and war planes. It is yet to be determined if they are Indian or Pakistani.

Produced by Dharma Productions and Junglee Pictures, Raazi is due to be released on 11 May. The first trailer is due to be released tomorrow, 10 April.

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