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Parmanu teaser: John Abraham steps up ammunition for nuclear fallout

The first teaser of the drama is marred by the background of the fight between John Abraham's JA Entertainment and Prernaa Arora's Kri Arj Entertainment. 

Shriram Iyengar

The trading of barbs and FIR notwithstanding, John Abraham's production house JA Entertainment has put out a teaser of the much fought over film, Parmanu, on their official Youtube handle. The teaser (which has been blocked now over copyright issues) features the actor in prime position, while Boman Irani's voice offers a narration of the events that would unfold on the screen.

The teaser begins with Irani's voice narrating that while several incidents of India's history have been written in golden words, there are some which have slipped under the radar. The key event, which the film revolves around, is the sequence of decisions that went into India's first nuclear tests in Pokhran in May 1998.

The teaser does not offer a lot by means of the story, except for the glimpses of the vast desert and scientists working on creating the nuclear fuel cell that powered the weapon. The key moment of the teaser comes towards the end with Abraham's character, captain Ashwat Raina, saying, "Ab hum darr ke shaant nahi baithenge, kar ke shant baithenge." (We will not keep quiet out of fear, we will do it and then stay silent).

The film has been the centre of a bitter fight between Prernaa Arora's KriArj Entertainment and the actor's JA Entertainment.

Parmanu row: John Abraham was trying to blackmail me, says Prernaa Arora

After Abraham's JA Entertainment announced a termination of contract with KriArj Entertainment on 1 April, the latter responded by saying the termination was 'invalid and illegal'. This has resulted in a to and fro of accusations between the two parties, with KriArj Entertainment even going so far as to file a criminal complaint against the actor. However, this did not result in an FIR, and from the release of the teaser, it looks like the battle is set to intensify.