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Richa Chadha: Daas Dev's Paro is not the oil-lamp burning type

In an exclusive video interview with Cinestaan.com, Chadha talks about her role in the upcoming film Daas Dev, whether the #MeToo campaign will ever take off in India and her reason for being vocal about various issues. 

Suparna Thombare

2017 ended on a great note for actress Richa Chadha, as her film Fukrey Returns, a sequel to 2013's Fukrey, became a box office hit when it was released last December. But the actress is not done with her much-loved character of Bholi Punjaban yet.

In an exclusive interview with Cinestaan.com, Chadha confessed that she would be excited about reprising the role if another part was made. "I think I finally managed to find Bholi (in Fukrey Returns 2). In the first part also she was good, but it was a little tentative than she was here. In this one, she was like 'I don't give a damn about society'." 

Chadha says that she is happy to be in a phase where she can traverse both worlds — small films and commercial ventures, but with powerful roles. She also doesn't shy away from staking claim in the success of a commercial comedy like Fukrey Returns because of that reason.

"When I do Masaan (2015) I know it is not going to have a box office like Fukrey. There are some films you do just for love. Fukrey is a majorly commercial film. But it has such an empowered woman at the centre of it. I loved playing it," she says. 

"Not to sound pompus, but often it happens that when there is a Rs100-crore film, what the woman has contributed to that is massive. It's usually because of the presence of towering male superstar because of which the film does the kind of business it does. So when I stake claim in the success of Fukrey, it makes me very happy as an actress," she adds. 

For now, Chadha is all geared up for the release of her next film, Daas Dev, an adaptation of Devdas, set against the backdrop of politics in contemporary times. Chadha plays the role of Paro in this Sudhir Mishra directorial.

The actress says that her Paro is far removed from the "oil-lamp burning" type like in Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay book and several film adaptations.   

"When she decides to walk out of his (Dev's) life it is after he made a class-based remark.... when she senses that, she moves on. And she actually becomes his political opponent in the election," says Chadha. 

The Fukrey Returns (2017) actress is also known to be a feminist, who never shies away from talking about current issues, despite the trolling she may be subject to on social media. There is a reason for that. "I often say that actors don't make good role models. But unfortunately a lot of people are looking at us. Which is why we even get asked questions about budget or defence spending in China or something. So because there is that kind of limelight, I rather use my position to effect a change and be intelligent about it."

Check out the full interview below: