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Pupa teaser: When dreams are subdued by family duties in Indrasis Acharya's sombre film

The teaser has a sombre mood throughout, with a background score suggesting the misery and suffocating condition of the family caught in a serious problem.

Roushni Sarkar

Indrasis Acharya’s upcoming film Pupa got a Special Mention at the Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival and received awards in three categories, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Sound Designer, at the Aurangabad International Film Festival. Acharya was bestowed the honour by eminent filmmaker, producer and screenwriter Adoor Gopalakrishnan himself.

The teaser of Pupa has now been released. The film deals with the journey of a family facing a pretty common problem through conflicts, crises, and a clash of philosophies. It features Rahul Banerjee and Sudipta Chakraborty in the lead roles, while noted director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, too, will be seen in an endearing role.

The teaser has a sombre mood, with a background score suggesting the misery and suffocating condition of the family caught in a serious problem.

“I have carefully chosen the title Pupa, as it is the state of maximum potential towards transformation," the director explained. "The story, too, talks about the journey of a bright young man who gets stuck on his way to achieving his dream when his father goes into a coma. The story reveals how he rises above the obstacles.”

The protagonist Suvra (Banerjee) aspires to be a specialist in teleportation, an emerging technology, so that he can be an entrepreneur in India. While acquiring experience and expertise in the USA, he learns of his mother’s death and returns home to take care of his father, who is in a serious condition, only to find himself caught in a situation from which he cannot escape.

Suvra’s condition affects his fiancé Barsha (Piali Munshi), who had been planning to settle with him in the US and pursue her PhD there. During this time, Rajat Chatterjee, a retired professor of physics from Berkeley, arrives at Suvra’s home and tries hard to convince the family to live their life normally, despite the problems. However, an unexpected occurrence eventually turns their life upside down.

“Suvra’s story is a common one," said Acharya. "We see so many youngsters sacrificing their dreams to fulfil their duties for their families. I, too, got stuck in a job for 15 years before I embarked on the journey of becoming a filmmaker.”

The film is due to be released on 8 June. Watch the teaser below:

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