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Hansal Mehta's Omertà cleared with 'A' certificate after two cuts 

The film, starring Rajkummar Rao, has been passed with an 'A' certificate after the cuts by the reviewing committee. 

Our Correspondent

Director Hansal Mehta might have accolades pouring in for his work through films like Aligarh (2015) and Shahid (2013), but the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) continued its awkward relationship with the director. Mehta's latest, Omertà, was cleared by the CBFC with an 'A' certificate after two cuts.

The two scenes cut include one of frontal nudity and another where Rajkummar Rao's Omar Shaikh is shown urinating while the national anthem is playing in the background.

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A report by The Times of India stated that Mehta maintained both scenes were integral to show the nature of Omar Shaikh's brazenness and mental aptitude. However, the CBFC cited the scene with the national flag as being 'unconstitutional'.

The director's appeals to the review committee notwithstanding, the two scenes have been cut by the board.

Omertà will be released on 4 May.