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SVF's unreleased film Aami Vs Tumi available on digital platform Hoichoi

Directed by Mainak Bhaumik and starring Rahul Banerjee and Priyanka Sarkar, the film has been ready to be theatrically released since 2011.

Our Correspondent

Mainak Bhaumik’s Aami Vs Tumi was released on Hoichoi, the largest digital Bengali content platform, on 21 April under the Hoichoi Original Film category.

The film has been ready to be theatrically released since 2011, but did not see the light of day due to a series of controversies.

Hoichoi currently has a vast collection of original web series, short films, and more than 500 movies. The digital platform also has plans to stream documentaries for its subscribers and customers.

Aami Vs Tumi features Rahul Banerjee and Priyanka Sarkar, a real life couple who divorced in 2017. While Anindya Chatterjee, Ahona Panda and Biswanath Basu also play important characters in their journey.

Bhaumik is known for experimenting with urban themes and characters in his films. The story of Aami Vs Tumi revolves around the romantic yet tumultuous relationship between a struggling musician, Rahul, and his working girlfriend Trina.

The twist in the film occurs when they decide to get married. On the big day, the insecurities of the long-time couple surface, leaving them petrified.

“We had immense fun during the shoot, and after waiting for years, finally the movie will be out for people to watch. I am waiting to hear everyone's feedback and in some way, I am glad that it got released through a digital platform like Hoichoi. My first web series is also streaming there, hence, there is an emotional connect with Hoichoi,” exclaimed the actress, Priyanka Sarkar.