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Lagna Mubarak teasers: Prarthana Behere, Siddhant Ravindra root for communal harmony

The first teaser appears like a forced attempt at uniting Hindus and Muslims. 

Keyur Seta

Directors Chetan Chavada and Sagar Pathak’s Marathi movie Lagna Mubarak roots for communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims. However, the first teaser of the film gives an idea of it being an overambitious attempt at putting forth the point.

Lines like, “Tere hothon pe mera naam, jaise har masjid mein jai shree Ram” and “Jahan bhi dekhoon tera chehra nazar aata hai, jaise har mandir mein allah basta hai” not only appear forced, but also unintentionally hilarious.

The film is a love story between a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy played by Prarthana Behere and Siddhant Ravindra, respectively. The teaser brings back memories of Sanjay Jadhav’s Pyaar Vali Love Story (2014). The filmmaker plays an important character in Lagna Mubarak along with Siddharth Mule, Pravin Tarde and Milind Dastane.

The teaser also shows that the film has an angle of Marathi pride, often linked with the valour of Shivaji. The second teaser, featuring Sanskruti Balgude, speaks of this pride. She plays a tough young girl who is a die-hard worshipper of Shivaji.

Lagna Mubarak also stars Aastad Kale, who is currently participating in the reality TV show, Marathi Bigg Boss.

The film will be released on 11 May.

Watch the teasers: