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Pawan Kalyan: 'If I cannot defend the honour of my mother I better die'

The Telugu film star and politician hit out at the repeated telecast of actress Sri Reddy’s abuse against him.

Mayur Lookhar

Unheralded Telugu actress Sri Reddy created a storm when she abused film star Pawan Kalyan on camera.

Reddy has since apologized to Pawan Kalyan and to his mother. The Telugu film star-turned-politician has not responded to Reddy’s verbal assault, but he is certainly miffed with sections of the local media which have been going hammer and tongs at him over Reddy’s abusive video.

In a series of tweets, Pawan Kalyan expressed his frustration over the fracas playing out in the media. In the most hard-hitting tweet, he said he would rather die if he could not defend his mother's honour. 

The Jana Sena leader believes Reddy’s outburst is being used by his political opponents to malign him and raised some questions for the media. 

He also posted a video of a news anchor to expose the alleged double standards of the media.

Pawan Kalyan alleged that the anchor is close to his political rival Lokesh. “I forgot to tell you Sri Lokesh calls this senior anchor known as Samba Siva Rao (TV-5) affectionately as Uncle," he tweeted.

The star slammed the media which has allegedly been using Sri Reddy’s rant against him to boost their TRPs.