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Priyanka Chopra heads back to FBI in new Quantico promos

The new promos for the upcoming third season of the American television show the old FBI team getting back together to tackle with new off-the-books missions.

Sonal Pandya

Before she gets back to Hindi cinema with Bharat (2019), actress Priyanka Chopra is still Alex Parrish from ABC’s Quantico. The third season of the drama kicks off on Thursday, 26 April, and picks up three years after Alex and her boyfriend Ryan ran off together. A series of new promos released by the network have gotten fans excited about the upcoming season.

The second promo, similar to the first trailer released by ABC, finds Alex settled and happy in the Italian countryside but she knows her happiness is short-lived as she must return to save her country from peril.

In the third promo, Alex’s former FBI team members question her three-year absence from their lives. Pretty soon, there’s talk of a new task force being formed. As her new beau questions Alex about her past, she says she’s an FBI agent and they’re the best at their work.

The fourth promo shows Alex transitioning from her former life in Italy and going back to where the action is, with her old team members and back as an FBI agent after a pardon.

The final promo gives prominence to one of the new faces joining the show this season – Oscar winner Marlee Matlin as Jocelyn Turner, an instructor at Quantico who has worked undercover before. The third season of Quantico will have the team face yet another threat to the country.