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Priyanka Chopra delighted at Meghan Markle's entry in Time's 100, calls her 'a princess for the people' 

The Quantico star wrote about her close friend, and soon-to-be royalty, Meghan Markle, in Time magazine, and used a phrase that was last made iconic by the late Princess of Wales, Diana. 

Shriram Iyengar

India has been celebrating the entry of cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Deepika Padukone in the Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World list. For actress Priyanka Chopra, the celebration has been doubled with the arrival of actress Meghan Markle to the club. Markle, along with her fiance Prince Harry, was nominated for the first time to the influential list as 'actor and humanitarian'. To write a feature about her, Time approached Chopra, who has been a close friend and confidante of the actress. While Chopra wrote for Markle, singer Sir Elton John wrote for her fiance, Prince Harry.

Chopra praised Markle as 'a relatable young woman with her heart and mind in the right place.' The Quantico actress also remarked that Markle's compassion is the quality that 'drives to break down stereotypes' and will help 'connect her to a generation in much need of kindness.'

Markle, who is engaged to Prince Harry, is soon to marry into British royalty. The Suits actress is set to tie the knot on 19 May. Needless to say, Chopra put in a word about the romance in her friend's life. She wrote 'This ever-smiling, strong free spirit found her prince, fell in love and in turn made a cynical world believe in fairy tales again.'

It is Chopra's last line that truly stands out. Calling her friend, 'a princess for the people', the Quantico actress made a direct reference to Harry's late mother and the former princess of Wales, Lady Diana.

It was during an eulogy for Lady Diana in 1997, then British prime minister, Tony Blair had called her 'People's Princess'. The term stuck to her ever since.

With her remark as 'A princess of the people', Chopra seems to be bringing out the obvious comparison to the outsider entering the furiously conservative royal household.

Markle and Prince Harry were not the only people Chopra was effusive in her praise about. Despite not being nominated to the top 100 this year, she did not shy away from praising Deepika Padukone and Virat Kohli for their achievements.

The actress is currently preparing for the launch of the new season of her show, Quantico, on 26 April.