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Puzzle trailer: When Irrfan Khan helped Kelly Macdonald put the puzzle of life together

The actor plays the role of a reclusive puzzle enthusiast who helps Kelly Macdonald's lonely housewife find meaning to her life. 

Shriram Iyengar

Actor Irrfan Khan might be recovering from his deadly disease, but he is not absent from the screen. Close on the heels of his latest release, Blackmail (2018), the trailer of his international project, Puzzle, has also been released.

Directed by Marc Turtletaub, and starring Kelly Macdonald and David Denman alongwith Khan, the film looks to be a sweet emotional drama with Khan at the centre of it.

Puzzle revolves around the life of Agnes, a shy, introverted 40-year-old housewife who has no life other than her family. It is when she reaches a mid-life crisis that she seeks to find some purpose to her life. This arrives on her 40th birthday, when her son gifts her a puzzle. Slowly, she discovers the magic and joy of putting these puzzles together.

The turning point of the trailer is the arrival of Khan's reclusive genius Robert, who is also a puzzle enthusiast. As Agnes answers his ad for a puzzle partner, she begins to find her own space away from family. As he says, 'Life is messy, there is nothing we can do to control anything'. The actor seems to be playing a charming, quirky recluse who helps the shy housewife put her life together. There is also an inference of the two being romantically involved

Despite his absence from public life, the actor seems to be charming, and continues to deliver lines with a casual ease. His presence on the screen alongside Macdonald is also impressive.

The film is produced by the Academy Award winning team of Little Miss Sunshine (2006). Puzzle is set to be released on 13 July in the United States.