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Director Shoojit Sircar helped Banita Sandhu with Hindi diction for October

According to the Indian-British actress, she also hired a Hindi tutor to prepare for the film.

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Indian-British actress Banita Sandhu says she hired a language tutor for her Hindi debut film October. She is now looking forward for the British audience to watch the "international film and a beautiful piece of art" helmed by Shoojit Sircar.

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How did she master the language barrier?

"The film was offered to me a year before it was shot. So I hired a Hindi tutor. I was learning the language along with my university classes. Learning a language like Hindi when you live in London and people around you speak in English, it is very hard to pick it up," Sandhu said in a statement.

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The actress shared this problem with the director, who helped her improve her diction further by training her through video calls.

According to her, the accent was the key aspect and she wanted to learn the Indian accent which Sircar helped her to attain.

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On Indian cinema, she said that language is no longer a barrier and with Hindi cinema if the content is good, the movie will be watched.

"It is another world where we can open our eyes to," she said.

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Sandhu said she has watched the movie and is proud of the way it has come out.

"I am really looking forward for all the British audience as well to watch it. It is an international film and a beautiful piece of art."

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October, which also stars Varun Dhawan, is set to be released on 13 April.