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Had offered to help Sri Reddy get financial compensation from the Daggubatis: Ram Gopal Varma

In a video posted on YouTube, the filmmaker claimed that he had requested Reddy to not vent her grievances in public, saying that protests would make it difficult for her to grow in her career.

Mayur Lookhar

Yesterday (18 April), Telugu actress Sri Reddy's war against sexual exploitation and casting couch in the Telugu film industry had taken a bizarre turn after filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, a controversial figure himself, posted a few videos wherein he held himself responsible for Reddy hitting out against actor Pawan Kalyan two days ago. 

When Kalyan was asked to comment on the allegations made by Sri Reddy against renowned producers of the Telugu film industry, the actor reportedly stated that rather than protesting on news channels, actresses should file police complaints and go to courts. 

Later, speaking at a round table conference titled ‘Sexual And Financial Exploitation of Women in Telugu Film Industry’, Reddy got personal in attacking Kalyan, reported telugu360.com, a news website. 

“Pawan is married thrice and that itself shows what kind of perspective he has for women. Pawan fans are trolling women [sic] artistes who criticize Pawan and Pawan is keeping quiet," Reddy said. 

While speaking to a few media persons later, Reddy added that she regretted calling Kalyan her brother and even resorted to abusing the actor. 

This controversy now has a new twist with Varma taking responsibility for Reddy’s tirade against Kalyan. 

Varma first posted a tweet on 18 April requesting Reddy to focus on the main issues and not deviate from them. 

“Hey @MsSriReddy I hope u get back to your original cause of fight with more focus and more clarity which is a much needed one ..Past is never a point and you should always work for the future,” Tweeted Varma. 

Later, Varma posted another tweet taking responsibility for Reddy's actions and also promised to give more details by 9.30pm. 

“It was me who is responsible for @MsSriReddy saying that to @PawanKalyan ..it is not her fault ..will give details now by 9.30 pm,” Varma added. 

However, an explanation was provided only next morning (19 April) via a video posted on YouTube. 

In his video, Varma claimed that he had offered to help Reddy get financial compensation from the Daggubatis, but had requested her to not vent her grievances in public any more. Reddy had accused Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram of forcing her into having sex in a studio.

The filmmaker stated that while Suresh Babu (father of Rana and Abhiram) would not have agreed to compensate, other members from the family would have given in. The Sarkar 3 (2017) director also claimed to have cautioned Reddy that her protests would make it difficult for her to grow in her career. Varma then blamed himself for instigating Reddy to make a scathing attack on Kalyan.

Watch the video below:

The controversial filmmaker later tweeted an apology to the Kalyan family and the actor's fans.


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