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Preeti Simoes demanded Rs25 lakh to end feud: Kapil Sharma accuses former girlfriend of fraud, intimidation

In an FIR, the TV star also blamed the Simoes sisters, Preeti and Neeti, of taking bribes from audience members and for the miscommunication between him and celebrity guests invited on his show.

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Mayur Lookhar

A few weeks ago, actor-comedian Kapil Sharma had alleged that his former girlfriend, Preeti Simoes and her sister, Neeti, were bribing a journalist to write against him. The sisters, however, blamed Sharma's current girlfriend of driving him into depression and asked Sharma to cater to his health and leave aside all controversies.

After this, one would have expected the aggrieved parties to make peace, but Sharma is no mood for a settlement. The troubled TV star has reportedly made some very specific and sensational allegations against the siblings. 

In the earlier complaints against the Simoes sisters, Sharma had alleged that the editor of an entertainment website, influenced by Preeti, had demanded Rs25 lakh from him. When Sharma refused to pay up, the website allegedly began a smear campaign against him. Sharma later claimed to have filed a FIR (First Information Report) against the trio. 

Now, a copy of Sharma’s statement [in Marathi] in the FIR has been reportedly leaked. As reported by, Sharma has made some specific and sensational allegations against Preeti. Sharma hired Preeti as his manager during Comedy Night With Kapil, the television show that aired on Colors channel.

"Right from the shooting schedules to guest co-ordination, everything was managed by Preeti. And for that, I paid her Rs2 lakh a month. Soon, I hired her sister Neeti as well and as the show became popular and the channel benefited from it, I raised their salaries," Sharma said in his statement.

The actor has alleged that in 2013, he hired a talent manager named Anushree. Three years later, he fired her after Preeti complained saying she took money from audience members for coming on the show. Later, when he met met Anushree, she informed him that it was the Simoes sisters who were allegedly into such practices. 

In his statement, Sharma claimed that the Simoes sisters were handling all co-ordinations with celebrity guests on the show and held them responsible for miscommunication and goof-ups on shoot schedules.

“Preeti and Neeti were responsible for handling the celebrity guests and letting me know every detail beforehand, but due to their lack of co-ordination and not informing me on time, several celebs were left miffed with me. They also tried to create misunderstanding about me and my other fellow actors," he said.

In 2016, the sisters were fired from the comedian's TV show after he didn’t find any improvement in their work. Sharma even claimed that Preeti met one of his good friends, Gurjot, at a cafe where she reportedly warned she would leak information against Sharma to the media in order to take revenge. When Gurjot asked her to refrain from doing so, she allegedly demanded Rs25 lakh. 

Sharma said he confronted Preeti at her residence in February this year.

"In February 2018, I confronted Preeti at her house and requested her to end all of this. She replied saying, 'You are nothing without me in the industry and I will not leave you. I will swipe you away from the industry and if you want to end all of this then pay me Rs25 lakh. I left her house after that,'" Sharma stated. contacted Preeti for her comments. “Kapil can say whatever he wants but none of it is true. I don’t wish to comment on any allegations. I have not even received any official complaint so far yet. So, I don’t know where these allegations are coming from [sic],” she said. 

Sharma’s new TV show Family Time With Kapil went off air as the TV star is taking time off to get his ducks in a row.