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Director Bharathirajaa lashes out at Rajinikanth

The veteran director said Rajinikanth's recent tweet was similar to a person piggybacking and yet testing his knife's sharpness on the person he was piggback riding on.


Our Correspondent

Director P Bharathiraja has hit out at actor Rajinikanth, calling him a messenger of Karnataka.

In a strongly-worded two-page statement in Tamil, Bharathiraja took exception to Rajinikanth's tweet criticising the manner in which some protestors attacked police personnel during the recent protest that was staged outside the Chepauk Stadium demanding the shifting of IPL matches from Chennai.

The veteran director said, "When the entire state of TN raised its voice in oneness to insist on the constitution of the Cauvery Management Board, the Tamizhar Kalai Illakiya Panpaatu Peravai, too, protested in a just and peaceful manner. However, the recent tweet by Rajinikanth is similar to someone who is piggyback riding on us and yet testing his knife's sharpness on us.

"I would like to ask Rajinikanth, what he considers the height of violence? Are our peaceful Tamil protestors coming across to you as arsonists? This kind of statement comes from a sense of hatred that all Tamilians have united.

"Be it in Tamil Nadu or across the world, what is it that you have done for the growth of Tamil Nadu with the huge sums of money that Tamilians have given you? Did you raise your voice when Tamils in Sri Lanka were killed? Did you protest against the Neutrino project? At least, did you issue a statement condemning them? Did you open your mouth on the methane issue? Having not uttered so much as a word on all these issues, you issue a statement only when all Tamilians  unite for the Cauvery and term it as 'violent culture'. You go on to say, 'This has to be nipped in the bud'.

"It is only now clear that you are not a Tamilian, but a messenger of Karnataka. Your mask is slowly coming off.

"Remember, when the Cauvery issue continued to rage it was our Tamil community that burnt in it. It was only the properties of Tamils that were damaged.

"You, who never opened your mouth when all the artistes in Karnataka joined together to oppose Tamil Nadu. You, who never reacted when cops in that state went on a witch hunt, tracking Tamils and thrashing them, when all vehicles bearing TN registration plates were attacked in Karnataka, when Tamil drivers were made to strip and beaten in Karnataka, today, staying in Tamil Nadu, and feeding off the blood of Tamils, term us as violent people.

"The man in uniform who was beaten during the protest was a Tamilian. We regret the act of one person who did this with an intention of bringing disrepute to this protest. You do not have to incite trouble between us.

"You need to understand that the blood shed by many of the protestors as a result of the lathi charge by the cops on that day was for your food and your drinking water needs as well.

"Think and consider what you are saying before speaking. Otherwise, you will be sidelined by my Tamil people. That day, too, is not far off is what I wish to tell you," the director said.