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Nanu Ki Jaanu song 'Bhoot Aaya': No 'Thriller', but the Abhay Deol-Patralekhaa track is entertaining for sure

Mika Singh’s voice is choked with fear while Abhay Deol pulls off the petrified look with elan.

Mayur Lookhar

What's a horror comedy without an entertaining, fun-filled spooky number. And so the makers of Nanu Ki Jaanu today released the second song from the film, 'Bhoot Aaya'.

One can't say for sure when the line was first uttered on screen, but the popular Hindi film dialogue when a character, usually a comedian, spots a ghost is, "Bhago, bhoot aaya [Run, it's a ghost]." In 1985, Krishna Naidu helmed the Deven Verma and Ashok Kumar-starrer Bhago Bhoot Aaya, but that was more a suspense film than a horror comedy.

Nevertheless, lyricists Sajid Qureshi and Sachin Gupta have used the line to create their song, 'Bhoot Aaya'. The lyrics are quite ordinary,(you don't need great lyrics for such a track anyway), but it the disco music makes 'Bhoot Aaya' an entertaining track.

While it is far from being Michael Jackson’s spooky ‘Thriller’, composer Gupta does turn out an entertaining number. The peppy music also reminds you of the Bang Bang (2014) title track that was composed by Vishal-Shekhar.

Mika Singh as the lead singer brings out Nanu's fear in the track. Mika is a little mellow here as compared to his usual high-octane tracks. Fazil Puria nails it with his rap that synchs nicely with the pop score.

Finally, you can't help but marvel at the petrified expressions and ginger dance moves of Abay Deol. Dancing is not a forte of the Deols, but Abhay is a delight to watch here. What he can’t pull off with his moves, he does with his expressions.

Patralekhaa looks anything but a ghost in the track while the backing dancers, with their gothic make-up, amuse you with their spooky howls. It looks like a cool Halloween party is taking place in the 'Bhoot Aaya' song.

Make sure your DJ has this track when you celebrate Halloween later this year. For now, watch 'Bhoot Aaya' below.

Nanu Ki Jaanu is scheduled to be released on 20 April. Click here to predict the film's performance at the box office.

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