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After Preeti, sister Neeti Simoes offers to help Kapil Sharma

TV professional puts out long, emotional note expressing concern over the troubled comedian's health.

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Mayur Lookhar

Kapil Sharma courted controversy last week with his abusive tweets and telephone conversation with the editor of entertainment portal Spotboye.com.

The troubled TV star has since filed a complaint against the editor, and against two of his own former colleagues, Preeti and Neeti Simoes, accusing them of mental and physical harassment.

Preeti Simoes spoke to Cinestaan.com last week and rubbished Sharma's allegations. She also expressed concern over the comedian's health.

Now, her sister Neeti has penned an emotional note to Sharma on Twitter.

Expressing concern over Sharma's health, Neeti underlined that neither she nor her sister will be reacting to his controversial tweets or filing any counter suit against him.

Source: Neeti Simoes / Facebook 

"From the last 4-5 days, we are witnessing a lot of people making false accusations on us," she wrote. Probably the easy way out would have been us reacting in the same manner or our legal team sending you/your representatives a defamation notice since even you know there is no truth, proof to these allegations especially when you yourself have messaged or called us many times (in a sober condition) asking us to come back and help you out.”

Neeti claimed that Sharma had visited their house last month and spoken about his depression. She said she and Preeti are keen to see him back in good mental and physical health.

The Simoeses have agreed to meet Sharma and sort out their issues but only on condition that Sharma does not come drunk to the meeting.

“We would like to meet and help you — in the presence [of] media/police/our legal team — only to avoid further false allegations and miscommunication,” Neeti continued.

Read Neeti Simoes's note in full below: