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TFPC inks pact with AEROX, Microplex to sideline digital service providers

The Tamil Film Producers' Council (TFPC) has signed an agreement with two new digital service providers called AEROX and Microplex.

Manigandan KR

The Tamil Film Producers' Council (TFPC), which gave a call for the ongoing film industry strike to protest the exhorbitant rates being charged by digital service providers (DSPs) like UFO and Qube as Virtual Print Fees, seems to have found a way to tide over the problem. 

The TFPC has signed an agreement with a new digital service provider called AEROX. Interestingly, the deal signed with AEROX will enable producers to pay almost 50% less Virtual Print Fees than they were originally paying to UFO or Qube.

That is not all, the TFPC has also signed an agreement with Microplex. The agreement will enable producers to now own the DCI 2K, 4K projection and servers through Microplex. Sources in the producers' council say that this is definitely a huge milestone as the mastering of all movies can be done through this new option and that producers can get their content to all theatres through this facility.

While the council feels that this will go a long way in reducing the burden of producers, especially small film producers, it remains to be seen if this move is welcomed by the theatre owners.

It may be recalled that the TFPC had announced that it would not return to talks with existing DSPs after repeated rounds of talks with them failed. 

The strike, which began on 1 March, has been going on for almost 40 days now, causing undue hardship to producers, directors, actors, technicians and all the various professionals associated with the 24 crafts of filmmaking.

Many are hoping that the signing of this deal will signal the end of the strike, which has brought the industry to a standstill.

However, there has been no such announcement so far.

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