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Give him some space, says Shilpa Shinde in support of Kapil Sharma 

Shinde, a television actress and Big Boss 11 winner, has proposed that either Sharma or the journalist should set aside their egos and resolve the matter.

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Kapil Sharma's recent indecent rant at a journalist over the phone is still the talk of town. The comedian-actor was angry at the journalist for allegedly publishing false stories about him.

In a new development, television actress and Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde has come out in his support. In an Instagram post, she also claims that the journalist in question is known for 'torturing' his interviewees with questions.

Preeti Simoes: Kapil Sharma is too good a person to go down like this

Incidentally, Shinde is working with Kapil Sharma's ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes and his friend-turned-foe Sunil Grover. 

She said, "Abusing someone is certainly incorrect, bt [but] he must be really in a bad situation. Every artist knows #vickylalwani kitne torture karke sawak karte hai. Request to all Artist. plz [Please] share ur [your] experience," read her post. 

She ended her note saying, "Very humble request to all media people. We need to give him some space."

In an interview with www.bollywoodspy.com, she elaborated on her point, saying, “Sometimes a person speaks something unknowingly. This happens in our homes too which never comes out in the open. But today we have social media. Of course, it is because of social media that I won Bigg Boss, so I respect it. I feel a person should maintain his dignity. But if a person commits mistake, then the matter should be ended rather than make it an issue and stretch it.”

The actress also spoke about her fare share of bad experiences.

"Nobody knew what I was feeling inside my house. I had lost my show. News channel reporters outside my house were saying things like, I have been banned. I have been given a notice. I have been asked to pay Rs12.50 crore.

"I had a lot of headache. I took the same tablet thrice because I couldn't remember I had taken the medicine before. I slept for 18 hours. Plus, media people were urging me to give a byte and saying that as I am not coming out in the open, I am being branded guilty. Nobody knew what I was going through," she added. 

However, she made it clear she is against abusing people.

"If it was in my nature to shower abuses and if I had done that, it would have also become news. We all respect each other. So, even you (media) respect the artist. Today, if he (Kapil) has mistakenly said something, I don't think he should stretch it further. Everybody goes through ups and downs. Nothing is permanent in life. And this is required so that you realize the good times. Tomorrow when Kapil will also see good times, his interview should also be taken,' Shinde said. 

Finally, she proposed that either Sharma or the journalist should set aside their egos and resolve the matter.

“Obviously, saying a simple sorry doesn’t end the matter. There is a thin line between ego and self-respect. So, someone should show a big heart and end the matter because there are plenty of other important things in the world that need sorting out. A lot of people have problems. Do some social work for them rather than hurt yourself. Even I had a matter with my producer but I ended it. I didn’t feel it should have been stretched,” said concluded.