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Shilpa Shetty condemns attack on photographers

The 1990s actress backed the media, saying she was appalled by the conduct of the unruly restaurant bouncers.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Our Correspondent

In an unfortunate incident, two media photographers were brutally assaulted outside Bastian, a plush Mumbai restaurant in the suburb of Bandra. The two shutterbugs were waiting to click Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra, who were dining inside. Various videos of the fight went viral the next day.

As seen above, there appears to be no provocation from the two photographers. One of the bouncers started assaulting a photographer. The other shutterbug, who tried to intervene, was also assaulted as the two unruly bouncers lost their bearings.

Robin, one of the photographers assaulted, said, “All that our colleague told the bouncers was to not block them while they clicked Shilpa [Shetty]. One of them took offence to it and assaulted us. You can speak to the eye witnesses and they will tell you that it was no fault of ours.”

Shetty has condemned the attack on the media photographers. The 1990s actress took to Instagram to condemn the incident, saying that she was appalled by the conduct of the restaurant bouncers.

Shortly after the incident, the two bouncers were arrested by the Khar police. Meanwhile, the restaurant, too, has condemned the incident and defended itself saying the security men were not their employees, but belonged to a hired security agency.

"We're saddened and shocked by the incident that took place outside Bastian last night. We have celebrities and well known guests visiting us frequently, and every experience has so far been smooth. During last night's incident, the people involved were personnel of Tough Security who are hired for Bastian via external vendors — as is the practice, the security agency assigns their personnel to us and other establishments based on who is available that day. All the Bastian staff, as well as the management, was inside in the restaurant on the second floor at the time of the incident — we were made aware of the same a while after it began. This was a highly unfortunate situation that escalated beyond anything we could have imagined. As soon as the Bastian team found out, we took remedial measures to get things under control. We are changing security agencies today as we do not want to take the risk of this happening again, as well as personally apologising to the media involved. We are also collecting all information so that we are able to offer to take care of any and all medical bills that may have resulted due to this incident (sic),” Bastian said in a statement.