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Baapjanma starring Sachin Khedekar promises to be a touching saga: Watch teasers

Both the teasers depict that Khedekar's character leads a lonely life and yearns to bring a change in his routine.

Keyur Seta

Theatre person Nipun Dharmadhikari is making his big screen directorial debut with the Marathi film Baapjanma. The film, based on Dharmadhikari's own play of the same name, stars Sachin Khedekar. The makers recently released two teasers of the film, that are connected to each other. 

The first tesear gives a background to Khedekar’s character, Bhaskar Pandit. He is a lonely man, living his life on a routine, apparent as he reads his diary. The routine includes wakinig up at 5:30am, eating soaked almonds, going for a jog, having juice, and so on. 

The second teaser sees a change in him. He keeps his routine aside and wakes up in leisure. He tries reducing his loneliness by getting in touch with his daughter and son. He feels bad that he hasn’t seen her daughter’s kid for quite some time and hasn’t spoken with his son after his wife passed away. Pandit vows to meet his children at any cost. 

Both teasers are moving and relatable, which gain your interest in watching the film. The background score also has a part to play in creating the impact. Some quality editing is also on display. Lastly, Khedekar looks in prime form once again. 

Baapjanma is all set to be released on 29 September. 

Watch the teasers: