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Shreyas Talpade coaxed nervous Sunny Deol to dance for song in Poster Boys

Deol was too nervous to shake his legs and sat in his van refusing to dance.

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Keyur Seta

In a recent interview with, Sunny Deol mentioned how scared he gets when it comes to dancing on screen. He said that at times he even runs away from the sets. This was with regards to his upcoming film Poster Boys, which is the Hindi remake of Marathi hit Poshter Boyz (2014). 

While speaking about the film Shreyas Talpade, who is making his directorial debut with Poster Boys, further confirmed Deol’s fear of dancing. Talpade shared a funny anecdote from the shoot of ‘Kudiya Sheher Diyan,’ song which is a remake of a song from Deol’s film, Arjun Pandit (1999). 

“He wasn’t a part of the earlier song (in Arjun Pandit). So, we said, paaji you have to dance. He said, ‘Yes yes don’t worry, I will do it.’ And on the day of the shoot, he came, saw the steps and said, ‘I’ll just go to the van and come back.’ He went to the van and said, ‘I am not keeping well, I am going home.’ I said, ‘You are not running away from this. You said you are going to be dancing so you come here and dance now,’” Talpade narrated. 

This wasn’t the end of the woes for Deol. “He came but he said he won’t be able to do these steps, it will be very difficult and it won’t be possible. Ganesh (Acharya) master asked him to just try once. So, he did it once and everybody clapped. I said, look how everybody liked it,” Talpade added. Sunny then gained confidence and agreed. “He then said he will now complete the whole thing. It was very cute,” added the direcintor.

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The character which Deol plays in the film was played by veteran actor Dilip Prabhavalkar in the original. So, obviously, there has been a major change in the age of the character. “Sunny paaji plays what Dilip kaka played. But that character was slightly older. Here we have changed the age group. We have made it a little younger while keeping Sunny paaji’s age in mind. He plays a retired army guy. Again while keeping his own persona and branding in mind,” said Talpade. 

However, the director makes it clear that there hasn’t been any major change in the content. “There are just certain changes in the basic characters. And certain sequences that I felt were slightly lengthier in the Marathi one; I have tried to make them crisper and more compact. Certain scenes I felt were smaller in Marathi, I have just tried to extend them. Marathi one was based in Maharashtra. This one is based in north India. But the core of the story remains the same. It would have been stupid on my part to change it,” he added.  

Talpade had played an important cameo in the original Marathi version. When asked whether the Hindi one also has that character, he said, “Yes, this one also has.” While keeping the identity of the actor a surprise for later, he gave a hint saying, “He is a dear dear friend who is doing the cameo.” 

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