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Faster Fene trailer: Amey Wagh goes Sherlock in this snazzy, but revealing trailer

Directed by Aditya Sarpotdar, the film is based on the popular fictional tales by BR Bhagwat. 

Shriram Iyengar

It has been a while since Marathi cinema saw a true blue detective thriller. With the frenzy of international series like Sherlock taking over, Riteish Deshmukh produced Faster Fene arrives at the right time. Directed by Aditya Sarpotdar, and starring Amey Wagh, Dilip Prabhavalkar, and Parna Pethe, the film takes life from BR Bhagwat's popular series on the prodigy, Banesh Fene. 

The story begins by following the curious Banesh Fene (Amey Wagh) who solves little thefts and petty crimes in his neighbourhood. The boy is a prodigy who is set to appear for a medical entrance exam, and has an interest in forensics, law, and crime. Incidentally, a suicide at the medical college puts Fene in pursuit of a crime that is far more bigger than it appears to be. While he escapes threats on his and his family's life, Fene resolves himself to find the criminal behind it all. 

The trailer is snazzy, and backed up with a score that is eerily reminiscent of Sherlock's track. However, Wagh brings some comedy with his appearance as the bug-eyed young Fene. The only drawback is that the trailer reveals most of the plot leaving little for the viewer's imagination. Prabhavalkar's turn as the old, greying writer, BR Bhagwat, might evoke a little interest. 

The film is set to be released on 27 October.