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Tu Hai Mera Sunday song: 'Ye Mera Mann' is a melodious roadtrip song that reminds of Goa

Sung by Ash King and composed by Amartya Rahut, the song carries a very happy-go-lucky feel that sits well with the theme of Milind Dhaimade's film.

Shriram Iyengar

The story of Tu Hai Mera Sunday has already created some buzz around the festival circuits. Now, the film is set to be released on 6 October. The song 'Yeh Mera Mann' from the film released today. It touches upon the sense of freedom and escape that comes from a trip away from the city of Mumbai.

The song, which has minimal orchestration, begins with the sound of a single ukulele to accompany Ash King's voice. The singer manages to deliver with his unique tone. Amartya Rahut's composition is filled with a fresh, but familiar sound. The simplicity of the composition is another factor that plays in its favour.

The song depicts the trip of the five friends, led by Barun Sobti, Vishal Malhotra, Avinash Tiwary, Suhaas Ahuja and Nakul Bhalla on their way to Goa. The friends are seeking an escape from the confined spaces of Mumbai, to play their regular game of football.

It is on the trip that Rashid (Tiwary) and Dominic (Malhotra) strum up a tune. The visuals in the song capture the camaraderie and friendship between the gang, and the usual tomfoolery that goes on during a friends' trip to Goa.

Tu Hai Mera Sunday is directed by Milind Dhaimade and is set to be released on 6 October.