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Secret Superstar song 'I'll Miss You': Amateurish track, just like a young boy’s amateur love

The timid lyrics and amateurish singing will make you want to forget this average track.

Mayur Lookhar

One hates to be critical of young artistes but how else can one get better if not by overcoming one’s flaws? The makers of Secret Superstar today unveiled the new track 'I’ll Miss You', sung by the young Kushal Chokshi. Unfortunately, neither the lyrics nor Chokshi’s singing are of the highest quality.

The song shows the best friend of Insiya (Zaira Wasim) is in love with her, but the young lad is scared to express his feelings. The schoolkids are to be set apart as, perhaps, a vacation is coming up, or maybe they are about to complete their final year. 

Love is too big an emotion to understand at this age, but the tender moments one spends with the other in school do leave a lasting memory. Now, the 'I’ll Miss You' song has the visuals that express those tender moments, but, sadly, the song itself is let down by Kausar Munir’s timid lyrics.

Perhaps the lad in the picture is Gujarati, which may be why Munir uses the Gujarati words ‘tane prem karu chu [I love you]'. But the mishmash of Hindi, Gujarati and English goes awry. The lyrics lack soul.

With such lacklustre lyrics at his disposal, poor Chokshi is left with a mountain to climb. You really don't want to be critical, but the task is beyond him and his performance is at best amateurish.

The music by Amit Trivedi is pleasant but the music composer deserves most of the flak for being unable to get the best out of his lyricist and singer. While music and taste are always subjective, I bet it will be hard to find too many takers for 'I’ll Miss You'. Watch the track below and decide for yourself.

Secret Superstar is set to be released on 19 October. You can try your hand at predicting the film's box-office fate here.