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Nephew Baiju Mangeshkar to release Marathi ghazal on Lata Mangeshkar’s birthday

The song is based on a poem by the late noted Marathi poet Suresh Bhat. 

Baiju and Hridaynath Mangeshkar while rehearsing.

Keyur Seta

Singer Baiju Mangeshkar and father, musical maestro Hridaynath Mangeshkar, are all set to release Baiju's first Marathi ghazal — 'Ya Nadicha Paar Ek Maze Gaav Hote'. Based on an old poem by the late noted Marathi poet Suresh Bhat, the ghazal is composed by Hridaynath.

The song will be released on his aunt and legendary Hindi film singer Lata Mangeshkar’s 88th birthday on 28 September. 

Speaking exclusively to Cinestaan.com about the song, Baiju said there are various reasons why the song is special for him. “It is very special because I am singing a Marathi ghazal for the first time. This is my second song with baba (Hridaynath Mangeshkar). Baba has done a ghazal after many years. Also, a video of his song is coming out after a long time. And he has worked a lot with Suresh Bhat ji,” he said. 

When asked about the song, Baiju said that it is a good mix of new and old. “These days you don’t get such songs. It is modern and yet it has that old world charm. It’s musical treatment is new and modern. It’s a good balance of contemporary and old world. And as we all know, his melody is always strong. In today’s times it is necessary that melody should also remain alive,” he added. 

Baiju believes it is challenging to work with his father, as he says, “We all know how difficult his songs are. So it was a big challenge. He seeks that perfection. His songs have a certain classical base, so one has to practice accordingly.”

But that’s not all as far as challenges are concerned. His father demands perfection not only in the tunes but also in the diction. “He is very strict during rehearsals because you are learning something and he wants it (done) properly. He is very particular with regards to every word. We have to follow the expressions through which he sings. We have to grasp that. If he is angry, he will just blast you completely. Luckily, it didn’t happen with me. But I know that’s his temperament,” he said. 

Baiju Mangeshkar

However, according to the respectful son, Hridaynath becomes the opposite in the studio. “In the studio, it’s not father-son. There we are like singer and music director. But in the recording room he is different. Even if the singer commits a mistake, he manages it. He won’t make you nervous there. He believes in the old school thought that a singer shouldn’t face trouble there. This is how he gets it out exactly the way he wants,” added Baiju.

The singer believes the experience of working with Hridaynath is different from working with other composers. “It’s always a great learning experience to sing with him. You don’t get such experience when you work with other young people. It is a different thing to learn from a pandit,” he said. 

He also considers himself lucky for the freedom he was given to work on the song. “He gave me the freedom to work in my way. This is a big thing because he is always very particular with other singers like Lata ji and Suresh Wadkar ji.” 

When asked about the video, he said, “The song has shots of us doing the rehearsals. Like Baba teaching me and I am on the mic. Some parts are even picturized on a story. It takes the poetry forward. It’s a unique video in its sense. It has come out well. So even his fans would like it.”

Baiju has also sung in Marathi and Bhojpuri movies. His first album Ya Rabba was released in 2014 that also had a few songs sung by Lata.