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A real man is not violent, a real woman is not tolerant of it: Priyanka Chopra at UNGA

The actress was part of 2 panel discussions before giving a moving speech as global goodwill ambassador for UNICEF at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York.

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra is making quite the impression as the global goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. The actress delivered an impassioned speech about hope, and the necessity of the privileged society to step up and help 'forgotten' children regain their education, at the ongoing United Nations General Assembly in New York on 20 September.

The actress has spent most of the last month travelling through Jordan, meeting children refugees from Syria. This experience, along with her previous travels to Zimbabwe and South Africa, featured prominently in her talks. Chopra was invited, along with other ambassadors of the cause, to speak at two distinct panels related to children welfare.

Speaking at the Initiative to End Violence Against Women and Girls, Chopra mentioned that the education of children against violence, sexual or otherwise, needs to start at a young age. She said, "We need to start young. We are not going to be able to change the mindsets of older people, unfortunately." The actress went on to emphasize that it can only be changed by 'telling these young boys and girls that a real man is not violent, and a real woman is not tolerant of it.'

At the assembly, Chopra also caught up with several proud ambassadors including the young Nobel laureate, Malala Yousufzai. Unsurprisingly, Malala was quite taken by having met the Indian actress, and tweeted ' Can't believe I met @priyankachopra! 🙈 #UNGA2017'

To which Chopra replied saying 'Oh @Malala no words will be enough...I can't believe I..met..U!!You're just a young girl with so much heart..and such proud'

Later, speaking at a panel about her experiences during her travels, Chopra mentioned how it is the duty of privileged society to help these children.

She said, "This is literally a generation of children who did not have a choice in the matter. War was not their choice. Being displaced was not their choice. The fact that we can give them a choice is on us, the privileged society of the world." In an impassioned plea, the actress stated, "It is on us as a privileged society to remember those children that may be forgotten."

Yesterday, at the United Nations Global Goodwill Awards, Chopra presented Ria Sharma of India with the award for telling his story. Talking about her experiences, the actress mentioned how she had received more than she could give the children she met.

Mentioning Amaima and Seba from Jordan, the actress said, "With Unicef I have travelled through all of these places thinking that I am gonna be giving back to these kids, inspiration, hope or something... But at the end of it, I was the one who did all the receiving, material or non-material."

Again, she reiterated the need to generate hope among these children. In her passionate speech that was well received, Chopra said, "My takeaway after 12 years of trips around the world with Unicef has been hope. The ability to make a rainbow within gloom."

With her growing stature as an international figure, Priyanka Chopra does seem to be putting an effort in the right direction.