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From Hrithik's threats to unsupportive Women’s Commission: Kangana's 10 shocking revelations

Answering to question on the television show Aap Ki Adalat, Ranaut gave a full recount of her relationship and the subsequent events with Hrithik Roshan.

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Our Correspondent

Actress Kangana Ranaut has given a clear indication that her war with Hrithik Roshan is far from over. She has come out with guns blazing against the actor in a sensational episode of Aap Ki Adalat. The channel has released a portion of the episode and it is full of powerful accusations against Roshan. She has also narrated the alleged story of her affair with the Kaabil actor and the subsequent events. 

These are the 10 revelations Ranaut made on the show: 

1. In 2014, after their break-up, Roshan sent those emails to himself using her account. She pointed out that Roshan never spoke about the 1,439 mails for two years. She asked why he didn’t call her and ask why was she sending so many mails at the time? 

2. Ranaut said that Roshan had never imagined that the flop actress, with whom he had an affair, would become a star with Queen (2014) and a superstar with Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015). 

3. Ranaut says that Roshan has lost his mind because of his father’s (Rakesh Roshan) money. Talking about his allegations that Ranaut suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome,which is a developmental disorder affecting ability to effectively socialize and communicate, she said that Roshan shouldn’t use such tactics to create controversies. She asked if he had so many issues with her, why would he roll on the floor and dance on her birthday party?

4. She also pointed that if Roshan felt she is so bad and suffers from a mental illness, why did he make films like Kites and Krrish 3 with her. She wanted to be away from him since he was married. However, he chased her for six months to get her on board for Krrish 3. 

5. She spoke about the intimate exchanges they had while she was in New York. She had written a few romantic poems and letters for him, which he added to the 'forged' emails. 

6. When they were together, Roshan said that he won’t be able to leave his wife. She also mentioned that he never made any committment to her regarding marriage. So, Ranaut felt she should leave him instead. But he didn’t want to do that, either. But Suzanne Khan divorced him later. After the separation with his wife, he wanted to renew his relationship with Ranaut. 

7. There were rumours about his affair with an actress (allegedly Ranaut) he was shooting with in 2014. It was also Valentine’s Day but he didn’t wish Ranaut. When she pointed out this to him, he said he didn’t want to be with her and asked whom she had informed about their affair.

8. After their affair got bitter, she told Roshan’s father to deal with his son. He said, "No no, I will help you in this matter." But after that he (Rakesh Roshan) called and said, "He doesn’t want to meet you. Both of you please end this matter."

9. But after Queen released, Roshan returned to her and said that he made a mistake and she should forgive him. She told make up his mind, whether he wants to marry her or no. Roshan then accused that Queen’s success has gone into her head. 

10. When she was shooting Rangoon with Vishal Bhardwaj, Roshan threatened to release their intimate pictures and videos if she doesn’t apologize. As Bhardwaj felt this would affect her work, he advised her to approach the "Women’s Commission". According to Ranaut, Gurmeet Chadha, the then chairperson of the Commission, supported her initially and was excited as it was a high profile case. However, a couple of days later, Chadha called her from Rakesh Roshan’s office and said they should settle the matter as Rakesh is an old friend.

Watch Kangana's revelations: