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I can’t ever forget the moment: Sidhant Gupta remembers Sanjay Dutt's first shot for Bhoomi

The young actor gets candid about Dutt and his experience of shooting the Omung Kumar directorial. 

Keyur Seta

Actor Sanjay Dutt is making a comeback on the big screen with Omung Kumar’s Bhoomi, which is set to be released on 22 Spetember. He was last seen in Rajkumar Hirani's PK in 2014. Therefore, his first shot for the film after all these years must have been a special moment. Actor Sidhant Gupta, who is cast opposite Aditi Rao Hydari in the film, is glad to have witnessed the moment. 

“I was there on the set when he gave his first shot. I remember I was with Omung sir at the monitor. For me that was the moment I can’t ever forget. It was also memorable because he is someone whom I have been seeing on TV ever since I don’t even remember,” Gupta said while speaking exclusively with Cinestaan.com. 

He tells us that his role is special and he isn’t worried about being overshadowed by Dutt’s presence. “Having Sanjay Dutt in the film is a very big thing for me. I don’t see it as negative. Firstly, I am a big fan of his. And at the same time, I get to share screen with him. Plus, this is his comeback film. So, if I wouldn’t have been in this film, I would still look forward to it. Now, I am looking forward to it even more since I am also a part of it. At the end of the day, it is good work that matters,” he said. 

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He also reveals that his romantic angle was required considering it’s a commercial film. “It’s a Sanjay Dutt film. All these commercial elements are also required. So there are songs and there is this romantic angle I have with Aditi which is required. It’s a revenge drama. The way Omung sir has shot the film, there is a lot of freshness to it. I am glad I have worked in this film. My character is also such that it adds freshness to the film,” added Gupta. 

The actor is still gushing over how Dutt called him once after the shoot and praised his work. “I can never forget that. I told him, 'it’s the first call of appreciation for me and it’s from you so I can never forget that',” he informed. 

He elaborated saying, “He had seen rushes of the song ‘Will You Marry Me.’ He called me home later with the whole team and we had dinner. He didn’t need to do that. It was very encouraging and sweet of him. As a newcomer, you need those encouragements, especially, from the actors of that stature. He is a man who has done 180 films!” 

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Gupta has been watching his films since childhood. But he is glad to know Dutt personally now. “I didn’t know him before but at the moment I know him. He is genuinely a good person. He is honest and blunt on the face. He doesn’t need to be so honest. He is Sanjay Dutt. He is very welcoming. Thankfully, I had met him before we started shooting so we had developed a bond. His aura is such that it will talk to you,” he added. 

Before getting into acting, Gupta was actively involved in sports like cricket, swimming and basketball and has been a part of under 14, under 17 and under 19 teams. He realized his love for acting. “I have done many things. But when I came to Mumbai and I started acting, I realized this is one thing of which I can never get bored. Also, that I can’t do anything better than this. If something makes you happy, only then you can be successful at it. That’s why I am stuck to it,” he explained. 

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But that’s not all. Gupta was all set to become a pilot but changed his mind at the last moment. “I was doing ground studies. I was supposed to go to Canada for practicals. But I thought that I have one life and I should live it on my terms. What will I achieve flying a plane by sitting under the same cockpit? Side by side I was also doing modelling. I just took a flight to Mumbai and said ‘bye bye’ to the pilot and also to the idea of becoming one,” he laughed. 

Coming from a small town and with no godfather in the film industry, Gupta is happy with his journey so far. “I have done a TV show and then a dance reality show. So, Bhoomi is only a step ahead for me. As an actor who comes from small town and who doesn’t have any backing in the industry, I feel I am very happy with my journey so far,” he signed off.