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Kamal Haasan to form his own political party

Present at a panel discussion at the Thamizh Thiru awards ceremony, Haasan confirmed that he was already in politics.

Manigandan KR

The wait is over. Kamal Haasan has announced he will form his own political party.

With the actor dropping hints ever so often, politicians, analysts and the public at large were wondering if the actor was seriously considering entering politics. Haasan put an end to all their doubts last night.

Present at a panel discussion at the Thamizh Thiru awards ceremony, he confirmed that he was already in politics.

When a reader asked if he would enter politicis, Haasan replied, "You mustn't have posed this question after listening to me discuss politics from six in the evening."

The actor was at his scintillating best, both during the discussion and after it at the Q&A session.

When one of the readers asked him, "You were silent when DMK Chief Kalaignar Karunanidhi and AIADMK Secretary J Jayalalithaa were active. Now, what is the reason for making such assertive statements. Were you acting then or are you acting now? Is that your real face or is this your real face? That is my big question."

Kamal replied, "I think I have more or less answered this question. Still, I think it will be better if you (pointing to the audience) answered that question. This is not even an answer, I believe, it will be your judgement. I am a good actor. The reason for his doubt that this could be acting is because there are several actors but none of whom have acting as their profession. I am talking about people who are acting for the sake of positions and power. There is a question that would be asked of me often and this question was one reason why I came to politics. Many thought I was joking when I gave an answer to that question. I would be asked, 'Why do you not come to politics?' I would reply, 'I am not that good an actor.' It is truly because there has been an increase in the number of people who act for the sake of positions that people believe that I too am acting. You will know what kind of face this is as we go along." 

Although the actor made it clear that he would be launching his own party, he did not say the date on which he intends to launch it nor did he comment on its idealogy.

The actor however made it clear that the funding for his party would come from the poor, who, he said were the ones, "who fill the coffers emptied by governments."