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'Simran' song: Charming ditty that'll make you sing-along for Kangana Ranaut

Written by Priya Saraiya, and sung by Jigar Saraiya, the song captures the quirky, free nature of Ranaut's character in Hansal Mehta's film, Simran.

Shriram Iyengar

The industry, and the world at large, has been mystified and captivated by Kangana Ranaut's action and outspokenness. Her sense of effortless courage and spunk seem to have transferred onto her character in Hansal Mehta's upcoming film, Simran. The latest title track from the film that was released yesterday captures this quirky, unstoppable nature in a charming ditty.

The song, composed by Sachin-Jigar, is another marvellous addition to the soundtrack of the film. Minimalist in its structure, with the acoustic guitar playing the main rhythm, the song has a lightness that is refreshingly different from the instrument-heavy songs that crowd playlists these days. The soft, soothing singing of Jigar Saraiya keeps it simple and makes it a catchy tune to sing along with, particularly the refrain 'Oye oye oye Simran'.

In some ways, the song will remind audiences of another wonderfully minimalist title track, 'Barfi' from Anurag Basu's Barfi! (2012). However, unlike the composition by Pritam, Sachin-Jigar keep the song refreshingly short, and allow the vocals to rise above the minimal accompaniments.

The visuals of a carefree, independent Ranaut strolling through Las Vegas, dining by herself, and enjoying life in her own way fit the song perfectly. The lyrics by Priya Saraiya are simple as well, and capture the character's quirks and nature quite beautifully.

In all, this is one song that leaves a sweet after-taste and prompts you to sing along from the first line.

Simran is directed by Hansal Mehta, and is set to be released on 15 September.