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Priyanka Chopra sends Katrina Kaif fan love all the way from Jordan

The actress, who is on a UNICEF mission in Jordan, posted a message on her Instagram page for Katrina Kaif from a Syrian refugee, Wafaam, and also gave a shout out to other big stars from India.

Photo: Screenshot from Priyanka Chopra's Instagram video

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra is currently in Jordan spending time with Syrian children as part of her UNICEF initiative. The actress, who took off to Syria immediately after the premiere of Pahuna at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has been putting up images, and videos, enlightening her fans and people about the refugee situation in Syria.

During one such visit to a camp in Za'tari, Jordan, Chopra shot a video of Wafaa, a young fan of Katrina Kaif, and recorded her message to the actress.

Speaking in Arabic, the young girl went on to describe how she was a big fan of Kaif, and loved her 'beauty'. All the while, there was an adoring Chopra watching the young girl go on an effusive monologue. The actress chipped in the end, sending a message to Kaif saying "Hi Katrina, this comes to you from Wafaa, all the way from Jordan."


This is a special shout out to one of Indias biggest movie stars. @katrinakaif this video is just for you, all the way from Za'atari Refugee camp in Jordan.This is Wafaa, one of your biggest fans and her message roughly translated is "I love Katrina Kaif a lot and I am one of her fans. I have watched all her movies and never missed one, even if a movie is played more than once I watch it. I love you Katrina and love your beauty." I was especially told to give messages of love to these Massive Indian film superstars, who are favourites at Za'atari... SHAHRUKH KHAN, SALMAN KHAN, AKSHAY KUMAR, KAREENA KAPOOR and ANUSHKA SHARMA... a big shoutout to you all and Hindi movies from these amazing kids who are huge fans...our movies give them some much joy .. This was something I honestly did not expect...but it made my day. Who would think that what we do as entertainers would give people a sense of hope, relief and escape in such dire circumstances.This post is for all my colleagues in the Entertainment Business around the world... know what we do sometimes has such an deep impact on people's lives and goes beyond just the mere entertainment people look at us for. #ProudofmyJob #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #ChildrenOfSyria #PCInJordan You can lend your support by logging on to #girllove

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Syria, which is currently suffering the effects of one of the most devastating wars in recent times, also has the largest number of refugees. A majority of which are children.

Chopra's initiative seeks to invite people to donate to help rebuild infrastructure to create better opportunities for these children and also sign a petition for raising awareness. She has been putting up several posts of her touching interaction with the children, narrating the struggles they face.


Most of these girls (8-10yrs) have lived in this refugee camp for more than half their they probably don't even remember what normalcy in life is outside of a refugee status..their smiles come from such a pure place, of making the most of whatever they have.. of survivors.. In Za'atari, there are currently 27,000 children enrolled in the 14 school complexes. Although there are make shift seats for every child in the camp, the enrollment is about 78% as children drop out due to child marriages, child labor and family attitudes towards education. All schools in the camp work two shifts, with girls classes in the morning and boys in the afternoon. We visited this School in the morning, so we met the girls. Pls swipe left. #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #PCInJordan #TheyAreUs @unicef

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In another post, Chopra spoke of her meeting with young girls who had to flee their country, leaving their lives and families behind, to escape the war. "I'll always remember you...I promise. It's kids like this that will build a better world tomorrow," Chopra wrote.


Say hello to Omaima 16, Seba 17, Shaimaa 14, Hanin 15, Maria 15, Wafa 13, Ayat 16, and Maram 15. These are 16-17 yr olds in a school in the Za'atari Refugee Camp. Omaima couldn't carry much when she and her family fled she decided to carry soil and rocks from her garden to remember her country. Seba said they have all prepared themselves for when they go back to Syria after the war is over...knowing it will be almost unrecognizable. That's the reason they go to school everyday, so that they can rebuild Syria again. Their determination for education, however much they can get, is incredible and truly overwhelming. These girls don't have much at all, but yet Seba and Omaima took their bracelet and ring off to give me so I will always remember them. I'll always remember you...I promise. It's kids like this that will build a better world tomorrow. Please swipe left for more. @unicef #TheyAreUs #ChildrenUprooted #pcinjordan🇯🇴

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At Za'atari, I'm proud to have had the opportunity to visit the home of Seba and her whole family - Mohammed, 19; Seba, 17; Haya 14; Hiba, 12; Omar, 6; Hala, 4. In spite of their circumstances, their makeshift home, and very little to call their own, we were the recipients of the full Syrian hospitality and love. Her mother, Isdihaar, a dignified and happy spirit was so open about her earlier life, and all that they do now to survive. They had a full life in Syria, with a home and everything they could ask for, and now...sitting in their sparse living room, all I got was a resolve to hold on until they could return to their home and rebuild their life. Without her husband there, she's taking care of her 6 children by working at an innovation lab, finding innovative solutions for everyday the neo-natal air conditioner created by just using a fan, ice cubes and box with holes. As I was leaving, Seba removed her bracelet and gave it to me and said it was so I'd never forget her. I will never forget her and the amazing people I've met, and it is because of them that my resolve to keep working by bringing attention to their situation has just grown stronger. Hoping that somehow we, the citizens of the world, will find it in our hearts to contribute to ease the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II. To donate please go to or visit link in bio. @unicef #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #ChildrenOfSyria #PCInJordan

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Chopra also made some friends, namely Z'aid, a young 16-year-old boy who made a bow as a welcoming present for the actress. She shared his dreams of wanting to become a translator, so that he can help the world understand each other.

Despite the serious nature of her work, Chopra did take some time out to play around with the kids. She put her stunt experiences to good use, while trying out a cartwheel. Unfortunately, alongside the expert moves of the kid, Chopra does come across as slightly amateur. Not that she minded it as it was all in good fun.


Excuse the bad cartwheel and lame attempt at a Rugby toss... This is a Makani 'Drop In' Center for underage boys who work,they are referred to as "Child Laborers." Most of the boys are between 10 and 18 years old, work 6-12 hours per day, and literally drop in after work to play and receive an informal education, as well as learn life skills. Many of the boys you see in these pictures have only just started to learn how to read and write, since the priority for most of these boys is to provide sustenance for their families. The teachers here work 3 shifts each day to accommodate the influx of kids to give them a chance to work and study. We must do our bit. This is what WAR looks like. Consequence of Conflict. To donate please go to or click the link in my bio. @unicef #TheyAreUs #ChildrenUprooted

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While she is playing India's ambassador in the global sphere of entertainment, Chopra is also promoting an important message of the need to protect children across the world suffering from the after-effects of war and poverty. Hopefully, this message will get across to more people in the world of entertainment and bring the much needed attention towards the issue.