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Director Raja Krishna Menon wanted Saif to look like young contemporary father in Chef

To achieve this, the director and his team chose shorts, T-shirts or shirts and jeans, for Saif Ali Khan's character.

Still from Chef


Director Raja Krishna Menon says he wanted a very casual yet creative look for actor Saif Ali Khan in the upcoming film Chef.

He says he loves the simplicity of the look that was finalized for Khan's character as a chef.

"While styling Roshan Kalra (Khan), I wanted a very casual creative every day look so naturally, we veered towards shorts with T-shirts or shirts, jeans — clothes that you would see a young father wear nowadays... It's simple but that's what I love about it," Menon said in a statement.

The film promises to take the audience on a journey of a successful chef and his son, who stays with his mother and wants his father's attention and time.

Chef song 'Tere Mere' is Saif Ali Khan's melodious cry as he battles loneliness

The film is a Hindi remake of Jon Favreau's Hollywood movie with the same name.

Presented by Gulshan Kumar in association with Abundantia, A Bandra West Pictures Production, Chef also stars Svar Kamble, Padmapriya and Chandan Roy Sanyal.

It is slated to be released on 6 October.