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Kangana Ranaut: Hrithik hacked into my account, sent emails to himself

The Simran actress has now alleged that Hrithik Roshan hacked into her account using the password and sent about 1000 mails to himself.

Mayur Lookhar

For a while it appeared that the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut battle had cooled with time, but Ranaut has rekindled the issue making some startling allegations against the actor. The Simran (2017) actress has alleged that contrary to Roshan’s claim that Ranaut was having an affair with some imposter, it was Hrithik himself who had hacked her account. 

Speaking to TV journalist Rajeev Masand, Ranaut made some sensational allegations and also demanded an apology from the actor. 

All along the Roshans have maintained that Ranaut was perhaps having an affair with an imposter, and refused to acknowledge Ranaut’s allegations. “Hrithik and his PR team say that the issue has died down. He claimed there was an imposter. But he’s failed to prove anything. Even the report of the cyber crime is nil (sic)," said Ranaut, suggesting that perhaps there was no imposter at all. 

Ranaut instead accused Hrithik of hacking into her account and sending emails to himself. 

“He couldn’t prove the imposter. Why he is crying about mails that were written years ago? If someone is harassing you, then would you wait for two years to file a complaint? This was an account that was closed years ago. He had hacked my account and sent about 1000 mails to himself. He had my password. The cyber police didn’t find any imposter. Why doesn’t he tell this to the media? (sic)" she said.

Ranaut claimed that she complained to Hrithik’s father (Rakesh Roshan) about his son’s behaviour. “After the break up in 2014, he kept harassing me, he wouldn’t let me have any other affair. I complained to his father, who assured that he would sit down with both of us to sort out the issue. But that has never happened. Hrithik and his father have made a fool of themselves,” said Ranaut.

The actress has made it clear that she is not going to back down. “You have been rolling on the floor, dancing on her birthday party, and yet you say that you don’t know me, then why would you cast her in your production again? Hrithik and his PR team have been building this stupid perception. I’m going to make sure all these things come out in the media so that girls are not taken for a ride. If you care about your family image, then don’t have an affair (sic),” said a fuming Ranaut. 

The actress also claimed that she feared for her life as she was advised by people from the industry to apologise to the Roshans. 

“The industry said that I should say sorry, I was threatened that my sister will not be safe too. I was afraid for my life. Who wouldn’t be?," said the actress. 

Ranaut has vowed to carry on the fight till the Roshans apologise.