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Film tickets in Tamil Nadu to cost 25% more from today

The total cost per ticket, including LBET and GST, will be around Rs192, as opposed to the earlier cap of Rs120 per ticket.

Manigandan KR

The Tamil Nadu government has brought into effect a new movie ticket pricing from today (9 October), increasing the ticket prices by 25% over the existing base price.

Earlier, the maximum rates charged for a ticket was Rs120.

However, the state government has allowed ticket prices to be hiked up to Rs150, which includes the Local Body Entertainment Tax (LBET) of 10%. The addition of Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 28%, i.e. about Rs42, takes the amount further up to Rs192. 

For those booking online, an additional booking charge of Rs25 to 30 will be added, taking the cost further up to anywhere between Rs210 to Rs220.

Various organizations associated with the film industry are unhappy about the new prices fixed by the government. Representatives of various bodies are holding meetings amongst themselves and with government officials to discuss the new ticket prices. Meetings have been scheduled for tomorrow as well. 

Meanwhile, sources from the industry suggest that those associated with releasing other language films in the state, including Hollywood films, are unhappy about the government's decision to levy LBET of 20%, over and above the GST on those films. They have, therefore, decided not to release films of any other langauge in the state. 

With discussions intensifying, the demand for doing away with the LBET also seems to be growing strong.

However, the government for its part, is unwilling to relent. Minister for Information and Publicity Kadambur Raju categorically made it clear, today morning, that the government had no plans to either reduce or withdraw the LBET.

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