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Hrithik-Kangana controversy: Farhan Akhtar, Yami Gautam urge not to make this a gender war

Seconding Akhtar's request, Yami has asked the readers not to target Hrithik just because he is a man.

Our Correspondent

After Farhan Akhtar, actress Yami Gautam has spoken in support of Hrithik Roshan in his ugly controversy with actress Kangana Ranaut. The actress, who starred opposite the Hrithik in this year’s Kaabil, wrote a long post on her Facebook page. Seconding Akhtar's request, Yami has asked the readers not to target Hrithik just because he is a man. 

An excerpt from her post read, “However, somehow, the tussle has turned into a gender war, with a certain faction of the society having already declared the man guilty. People have presumed that since he is a man, he must be the guilty party, since that is how it has always been. Men have oppressed women in one way or another for centuries, and it’s being presumed that it is the same in this case, too.” 

She asks, “Whatever happened to innocent, until proven guilty? Whatever happened to letting the law take its own course?” 

Yami added that blaming Hrithik before he is proven guilty could be harmful to the greater movement of gender equality. “If the gender-card is allowed to take precedence over facts and objectivity, it will be a serious blow to the on-going efforts of getting women an equal standing with the opposite sex. If this baseless trial-by-media is allowed to continue, where one party has been presumed to be guilty, there is a good likelihood that people might lose faith in this equal-rights-for-all movement that has picked up momentum in India only in recent years,” she wrote. 

Yesterday, Akhtar had expressed his views on Facebook, stating that the media is using the controversy for their gains without considering its repercussions on the actor and his family.

An excerpt from his post read, “The reason I felt the need to say this is that it is apparent that some people have already jumped to conclusions while some are deriving some sort of voyeuristic pleasure by encouraging the woman to carry on speaking. This is being done without a seconds pause to consider the effect her words will have on the person, his family or his children. As great as all of it may be for TRP, it’s in terrible taste.”

Akhtar also pointed out that Ranaut isn’t willing to submit her electronic devices to the authorities. “While he denies ever mailing her, he has filed an official complaint, shared and submitted all necessary information and documents, handed over his personal phone and laptop to the concerned authorities. The woman has not. Apparently, she has avoided, till date, submitting her personal communication devices citing some reason or the other,” he wrote. 

Hrithik has alleged that he received hundred of emails with sexual consent from Ranaut. But the actress alleged that Hrithik sent those emails to himself by hacking into her email account. Further, Akhtar asked what the people's reaction would be if the tables were turned. 

“If a woman was to receive these sort of emails from a man and she claimed harassment, what would your immediate reaction be? Would you have given the man the benefit of doubt by believing him if he said they were in a relationship and she had hacked into his computer and sent herself the mails..?” he said.