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Rakesh Roshan: We don't believe in making wild unsubstantiated statements

The veteran filmmaker said that the truth would be out soon in the Hrithik v/s Kangana battle.

Our Correspondent

After Kangana Ranaut fired salvos on national television channels against the Roshans, Rakesh Roshan has stepped up in defence of his son, Hrithik.

“We are not loose talkers. We don’t believe in making wild unsubstantiated accusations. We have submitted our complaint with all the proofs. If you want a copy of the complaint, please request it from our lawyer Mr Mahesh Jethmalani’s office, as it is now in the public domain,” Rakesh told entertainment portal

The filmmaker went on to add that they had submitted all documents, electronic gadgets, emails, to the cyber crime branch on 8 April 2017. The senior Roshan was confident that the truth would be out soon.

“We’ve always believed in the power of the truth. I was taught to be honest by my father (the legendary music composer Roshan) and I’ve taught Hrithik the same. In this matter, the truth will be out soon,” he said.

The Roshans' response is the latest in the long drawn out Hrithik v/s Kangana battle. According to a recent report on the television channel, Republic, Hrithik and his legal counsel had filed a 29-page complaint earlier in the year alleging that Ranaut had stalked and hounded the actor.

The complaint also alleged that Ranaut had sent out emails to Hrithik calling him as her 'eternal lover' and even accused the actress of sending 'sexually explicit emails'.

Ranaut’s lawyer Rizwan Siddique dismissed the report claiming that Hrithik was unnecessarily whipping up an old complaint only for the channel to get viewership.