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Ittefaq posters: Akshaye, Sonakshi, Sidharth play the three angles to this remake

The makers of the remake have released 3 posters, representing the sides of the three protagonists in the thriller.

Shriram Iyengar

Ittefaq, directed by Abhay Chopra, stars Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha, and Akshaye Khanna as the three main protagonists of the murder drama. The film is based on the 1969 classic whodunnit directed by Yash Chopra under the BR Chopra banner.

The posters, released early on Wednesday, 4 October, carry with them a touch of intrigue and darkness fitting with the theme of the thriller.

The first poster to be released was that of Sidharth Malhotra's, who plays Vikram, the absconding criminal accused of a murder.

Sharing the poster on his Twitter account, Malhotra wrote 'I am accused of a crime I did not commit! Wait for my story… #IttefaqNov3 @sonakshisinha #AkshayeKhanna'

Marked with a bruised forehead, Malhotra's picture seems to be a photograph accompanied with a smartphone tagged as evidence. Considering the revamped version set in the current time, the smartphone seems to be the one implicating evidence that will play against or for his character.

The second poster is that of Sonakshi Sinha's Maya. Sinha plays the updated version of actress Nanda's character from the original film.

In the original film, Maya is a home-maker in whose house the convict (played by Rajesh Khanna) seeks asylum. Except, she herself ends up being accused of her husband's murder.

As the first poster, Sinha too is pictured on a photograph, only this time we see a whisky glass in the evidence bag. The glass could be a reminder of the important sequence, from the original film, of Maya serving a drink to the nervous convict housed in her residence.

Sinha tweeted the poster, defending her character in the film: 'I'm a victim who got accused of being a criminal! Dont you want to hear my story?!'

While these two alleged criminals seek to tell their own truths, there is Akshaye Khanna who plays the cop in pursuit of the real killer. Khanna reprises a character made famous by one of the most well known cops in Indian cinema, Iftekhar.

Like in the original, Khanna's character in the poster is embued with some swag and style, shown by his casual lighting of a cigarette while being seated in a reversed chair.

Ittefaq, co-produced by Dharma Entertainment and Red Chillies Entertainment, is set to be released on 3 November.